APR 08, 2014
ASO (App Store Optimization) - How to Market an App

So you've created a new app. It's good, can help a lot of people, it’s unique and was developed clean and bug-free. So now all there is to do is release it to the App Store and watch the download hits … Read Full Post

APR 01, 2014
Choosing the Right Password: Keeping your Online Identity Safe

It’s estimated that over 90 percent of all online passwords are considered “weak” and “easy to be hacked.” Noting that, it should come as no surprise that millions and millions of online passwords are … Read Full Post

MAR 19, 2014
Steps to Take Before a Website Redesign

A website redesign shouldn’t be considered a quick process if you actually want to measurably improve the site. Be thorough with your planning and research that you put into the redesign and chances a … Read Full Post