How Often Should You Submit Your Website For Re-Indexing By Google

Why Have Your Website Crawled by Google?

Let’s start with the basics: what is re-indexing, and why should you consider it for your website?

Glad you asked. Re-indexing, or re-crawling, is the process in which Googlebots find new or updated pages on your site and add those pages to its index. In other words, it’s how you add webpages into Google search. Voilà!

Re-indexing your website is it can help your site gain more traffic. While Google’s spiders do the best they can to crawl the web often, there is a lot of information to cover spread all across the internet. A request for indexing is an easy way to ensure your pages are indexed before the content becomes old.

A re-index after you overhaul your content can also boost your rankings, because Google will be forced to index the more relevant or updated content. This is a good option for marketing professionals who have recently taken over the marketing and SEO efforts for a site producing lackluster results.

Once you have scrubbed away the effects of any previous or poor SEO efforts, having Google crawl the site will help to reflect the repair work you have done. This process generally happens faster than simply waiting for Google to crawl your site again.

When Should You Submit Your Website for Re-Indexing By Google?

There are a few situations where having Google re-index is a good idea:

  • You have recently removed links of questionable origin
  • You recently updated your website’s content
  • You have a major addition to the site, such as new service pages or launching a new product line
  • You re-launched/redesigned the website

How Do You Get Your Site Re-Indexed?

Google makes it easy for you to get your website re-indexed through Webmaster Tools. Before beginning the process of having pages re-indexed, check over the page to ensure it is loading correctly and there are no errors in the coding.

When you ready to have your site re-indexed, follow these simple steps:

  1.  Log in to your Webmaster Tools account.
  2.  Under The Crawl category, click the “Fetch as Google” link
  3.  Put the page address into the box and click “Fetch.”

There is a limit of ten re-index requests per Webmaster Tools account within one month, so if you run multiple sites, or have recently made changes to multiple pages, prioritize which to re-index first.

Keep in mind, results are not immediate or guaranteed. It typically takes several days for re-indexing to complete.

But the best way to keep your pages in Google’s search is to…

Keep Adding and Updating to Get Indexed Faster

Keeping your site updated is the best way to get indexed faster. As you add new features or content to the site consistently over time, Google’s site crawlers recognize that the site is active and crawl the site more regularly. Submitting your site for re-indexing will become unnecessary once this happens.

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Published on: February 17, 2016 by Donny Lamey