How do you define a company’s success? Profits, recognition, growth – these are all essential measurements of business success. However, your company’s bottom line isn’t the only factor to consider when measuring greatness. Establishing a value system around corporate social responsibility is invaluable to your company’s success and legacy.

What Happens When Companies Give Back

Truly great companies succeed when they leverage their resources to support charitable causes. Here are a few reasons why companies who give back win.

1. Giving back improves your corporate culture and employee engagement.

Studies show engaged employees really have a financial impact on your company. Employees who are happy and engaged in their workplace are more likely to stay at and be loyal to the company. The same studies also stated those employees are more likely to recommend your company’s products and services than those who are disengaged. From a marketing standpoint, word of mouth and testimonials is one of your most valuable assets. Anyone who knows about SEO understands the value of a good review and the damage a negative review can cause.

2. Engaging in philanthropy strengthens your network and community ties.

In business, there is serious value in networking. One of the most powerful ways you can build connections is to prioritize corporate philanthropy. Some of the world’s greatest influencers engage in philanthropy. Giving back opens the door to make connections with prominent thought leaders. Your community is also more inclined to support businesses who support them.

3. Supporting charities & causes builds up your company’s value.

Public perception and brand reputation can heavily affect your company’s bottom line. A positive public image can lead to more media coverage, loyal customers and increased conversions. PRNewswire reported a study stating companies with effective corporate social responsibility programs have, on average, increased shareholder value by $1.28 billion.

Tis The Season to Give Back!

Giving back to the community and supporting charitable causes are at the foundation of DiscoverTec’s company culture. We are proud of our dedicated employees who participated in several charitable efforts this year, including generous donations to the United Way “Stuff the Bus” campaign and active participation in Fight For Hunger events.

There is no shortage of good causes and trusted nonprofits out there who would benefit from your support. Which charity do you give back to?

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