Intro Bio

Project Manager

Wendy Spence

PLUGGED IN: December 09, 2013

Wendy keeps the communication flowing like a well-oiled machine. Not only does she hold a gold medal in organizational skills, Wendy has also been known to bust out in random Yoga poses throughout the day.


  • Unshakable Positive Outlook
  • Strong Team Player
  • Kung-Fu Toes


  • Prone to Nerf Blaster Attacks


Wendy moved to Jacksonville for college and graduated from UNF with a degree in English. She loved the city so much that she decided to stay. Wendy enjoys learning new things and has worked in the college textbook, printing, design, and now the internet marketing industries. She has learned a lot and worked with some of the biggest corporations in town.

Wendy loves to cook. There aren’t many weeks, if any that she isn’t hosting at least 1 dinner party. The chances are good that she got a great deal on the food ingredients because she likes couponing too. When she isn’t cooking she likes crafting and using her sewing machine.



Do you have any skills or talents that most people do not know about?

I speak a little bit of Finnish. I am still learning, but I know the basics.

What is the strangest talent you have?

I can write with my toes.

Would you rather have unlimited sushi or unlimited tacos?

I would rather have unlimited tacos. You could always make a taco out of sushi, right?

How do you recharge?

Spending time working on the house. I enjoy projects (surprise!), and I like to put my time into being creative.

What characteristic do you admire in others?

A calm manner. I tend to get excited fairly easily, so I find it amazing that some people can keep calm under pressure.