Intro Bio

Digital Marketing Strategist

Andrea Cranston

PLUGGED IN: January 13, 2020

Andrea is an experienced digital marketer who is always striving to make smart and innovative decisions. She’s always game for a discussion on Harry Potter, reality tv or, of course, her dog.


  • obsessive list keeping
  • big picture thinking
  • song lyric trivia


  • perfectionist nature
  • puppies
  • anything with peanut butter

“Be a fountain, not a drain.”

Andrea graduated with an Advertising/Public Relations degree from University of Central Florida and has since grown her marketing skillset in a variety of settings including banking and real estate industries as well as agency environments with a focus in digital strategy.

Andrea loves spending quality time with her husband & dog, cooking, reading, cross stitching, indulging in some reality tv and catching her favorite musicians live in concert anytime she can. 



How do you explain your job to people who know very little about the internet?

Planning how we will best & most efficiently serve messaging and advertisements for our clients’ products and services to the right audience at the right time when it will meet a want/need or solve a problem they have.

Who is your favorite internet celebrity?

Doug the Pug – for obvious reasons

What unique quality do you possess that you believe makes you good at your job?

An obsession with organization and great attention to/memory of details

What is your favorite thing about the suite 400 space?

Cohesive, open workspaces that foster team interaction

Tell us one unique fact about your hometown, the place your family is originally from or a place you have in over the years.

Being from a small town, most of my family members live on streets named after them.