DiscoverTec Is Your Web Accessibility Partner

From testing, identifying, and remediating accessibility issues, DiscoverTec is your partner for website, PDF, and Microsoft Excel accessibility compliance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Homeland Security-certified Trusted Testing team to get a tailormade accessibility strategy.

We’re trained to audit, test, and resolve accessibility compliance issues with your:

  • Website
  • PDF documents

Universal Access Person

Website Accessibility

Has your website been designed and developed in a way that is easily accessed and used by people with disabilities? It’s very important that your web content be effectively navigated, interacted with, and understood by people with visual, auditory, physical, or cognitive impairments. That’s where DiscoverTec can help.

Ensuring website accessibility is crucial not only for legal compliance but also for business success. Inaccessible websites are likely to lead to frustration, inconvenience, and lost sales, especially since disabled people make up a significant percentage of the population. Additionally, creating accessible websites can also improve the overall user experience, as it promotes good design and usability practices.

$1.2 Trillion

The market amount companies without ADA-compliant websites are turning down



Percentage of website visitors with disabilities who will leave a website if it isn’t compliant


56.7 Million

Number of people with disabilities living in the U.S.



Percentage of Americans with disabilities that use the internet on a daily basis


Number of website accessibility lawsuits filed in federal courts in 2020



Average number of accessibility errors found on a shopping website in 2021


Website Inspection

Website Audits & Testing

By using automated tools, we can quickly identify accessibility issues that exist on your website based on:

  • ADA compliance
  • Section 508 compliance
  • WCAG 2.1 compliance

Website Remediation

Whatever accessibility issues are identified through auditing and testing, we can then remediate and educate so you don’t have to worry about accessibility issues anymore.

Common Website Accessibility Issues We Resolve:

  • Specifying alternative text for images
  • Heading tags are properly structured
  • Font and background colors have sufficient contrast
  • Allow users to quickly skip to content
  • And more!

PDF Accessibility

It’s important for organizations to prioritize PDF accessibility as it ensures that all people, regardless of their physical abilities, can access the same information. Not only does this benefit people with disabilities, but it also helps businesses and organizations comply with accessibility laws and regulations.

Common PDF Accessibility Issues We Resolve:

  • Tagging PDFs in a valid reading order
  • Ensuring all PDFs have a title
  • Specifying a language for PDFs
  • Specifying heading within a PDF

Document Accessibility

Contact DiscoverTec

Don’t wait for a lawsuit to happen. If you’re in the financial or medical industry, the time to become accessibility compliant is now. We’ll walk you through the process and put together a plan for your website and documents. Schedule a consultation today with our experts.