When it comes to technology, we’re pretty obsessed. We love to geek out on tech tools and gadgets, especially when we see how much value they bring to our clients and our own teams. Here are a few tech updates we’ve made and how it can make positive change for your business, too.

Technology-Enhanced Meetings: WebEx Teams

We know communication is the key to success – especially if you have remote staff or long-distant clients. We have both and so we want to make our communication easier and more efficient. Enter: technology to the rescue! When we learned about WebEx Teams, we were smitten. The system blends everything we’re looking for in a collaborative team setting: it has easy screen sharing, video meetings, one-on-one video calls with a single tap, file sharing and digital whiteboard that is savable and sharable. Plus, it’s integrated with your mobile device. Oh – and don’t get us started on the WebEx Teams’ legit smart board. Yeah, we’re hooked.

Cloud-based Phone System: 8x8 Voice System (VoIP)

Next up, we have a killer phone system. Listen – we still love the phone. Sometimes you just need to hop on a call and talk it out. But it’s a lot easier on an updated system using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). AKA this system makes voice calls using an Internet connection vs. a regular (analog) phone line. Using 8x8, we can easily sync calls from our desk phone to our mobile phones – so we never have to miss a call again.

Scalable Data Center: Cisco’s HyperFlex

With the addition of Cisco’s HyperFlex multi-cloud platform to our data centers, we’re set up to handle any application, anywhere at any scale. The platform is flexible and adaptable. In technical terms, “Built on HX software innovations, HyperFlex delivers a simplified solution with industry-leading performance, independent scaling, support for multiple hypervisors, and flexible cluster scaling with availability zones.” And it just makes our lives a lot easier with the peace of mind we can provide the best solution for our clients.

Technology + Creativity

At DiscoverTec, we’re where technology, creativity and marketing converge. Digital-savvy and solutions-oriented, that’s us.

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Published on: June 04, 2018 by Donny Lamey