It’s been over 10 years since Twitter launched and shook up the social media marketplace. The capability for users to connect virtually to celebrities, politicians, and brands in succinct messages made a significant change to online communication tactics, regardless of pre-existing social media outlets. Twitter changed “the pound sign” to “the hashtag” and forced users to limit their messages to a mere 140 characters, including spaces!

This digital communication outlet is constantly adding more and more content to the internet with over 300 million active users contributing their thoughts, opinions, information, photos, and facts to live feeds daily. With limited space for sharing, information is transmitted and digested differently and businesses like DiscoverTec have had to adapt. Here are the top 5 ways to get the most out of your tweets.

1. Use shortened links

Take a look at the browser bar for literally any search. The discombobulated combinations of letters, numbers, and characters do sometimes have some kind of logical order, but are absolutely impossible to remember. Luckily, there is no need to include full URLs in a tweet; there are numerous link shorteners out there that are quick and very easy to use. Sites like,, and turn long URLs into short combinations that when accessed redirect straight back to the original source. This is an easy and helpful way to condense your tweet into the 140 character limit.

2. Add a visual component

The inclusion of photos or gifs in a tweet helps make the message a tad more aesthetically pleasing, and can grab the attention of readers scrolling through their feed. Opting to include a visual component in a tweet no longer reduces your character limit from 140 to 116. Another suggestion from our marketing team is to include a logo watermark over a photo (especially stock photos) to make the appearance of the tweet go along with your company’s branding.

3. Use punctuation sparingly

The goal of a tweet is to formulate a short summary for “easy digestion”. The use of superfluous adjectives, run-on sentences, and excessive punctuation will hold users back from getting their point across in 140 characters. Instead of quoting your source, include a link in the tweet- this will actually help back up any statements and guide the reader towards further related details.

4. Quote a relevant tweet

There is no need to write a full synopsis of something in a tweet. In fact, Twitter’s character limit will prevent this. Try summarizing the point and linking back to a reputable site with further information.

5. #Are #Hashtags #Necessary #?

The inclusion of hashtags in social media started as a way for sites to categorize information so users could search by topic. In recent years, however, hashtags have grown in irony, popularity and in length- making it more difficult to sort through the “clutter” to find relevant information. Much like a typical search engine query, the longer the hashtag, the more refined your results will be. Try adding a hash symbol to broad words within your tweet, rather than tacking on multiple hashtags at the end of a tweet; this strategy can save you at least a few characters. Popular tags will automatically populate while a tweet is being composed. If the hashtag you have in mind does not automatically populate once you type the “#” key, it is likely not very popular and maybe isn’t necessary.

Twitter is one of the more popular social media outlets, but it may not be the best bet for every kind of business. Unlike personal accounts, business accounts on Twitter require constant maintenance and attention, as business accounts are usually a way for consumers to contact brands directly in regards to customer service. Planning a strategic social media strategy takes work, and frequent updates. See other social media tips for businesses on the DiscoverTec blog.


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