How to Engage Customers with Facebook Live

Facebook Live has proven to be a great tool for retailers and major brands. But even if you don’t have a lot of experience with broadcasting live video, or don’t have a huge budget for video content creation, you can use Facebook Live to engage your customer base. Here are some of the top ways to connect with your potential customers on Facebook Live.

Celebrate a Milestone or Special Event

With many brands broadcasting via Facebook Live, it’s hard to get people to engage with a stream centered on an everyday occurrence. Instead, consider planning a live stream that celebrates an occasion for your business. Some ideas for a special event live stream include:

  • Special sale or promotion
  • Business anniversary
  • New or upgraded location
  • Addition of a new team member

Do a Live Question and Answer Session

If you have knowledge to share about your particular industry, a live question and answer session can be a great way to engage with viewers. In order to make sure that you get enough questions to keep the livestream going, make sure that you have an engaged community online. You can even put together a collection of questions to address during the live stream ahead of time by compiling frequently asked questions that you know are likely to be on customer’s minds as they watch.

As the live stream progresses, be sure to answer any follow up questions or requests you get from participants. This will help to drive engagement and build loyalty with your potential client base.

Give a Glimpse behind the Scenes

Many people are interested in how a business operates or a product comes together. Your Facebook Live video can take them through the steps you follow before you open the doors of your location for business, or the journey your product makes before it hits the shelves. In order to make the stream more interesting, cut down any parts of the process that are repetitive or boring. Highlight any portions that are specific to your industry, or aren’t typically seen by the public. Again, ensure that someone from your organization is present to address any questions from viewers and follow up with anyone who expresses interest in your business.

Facebook Live is just one way to use video to engage with your customer base. To find out more about how videos can help market your brand, take a look at some of the videos we have created for our clients, and contact us to get started on your own. 

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